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60cm Black Glass 

The frameless black glass makes for a contemporary design that will suit any kitchen décor. 

Easy Touch control 

All the control you require at the touch of a finger on the front centre control panel. 

2 zones 

1 large 1800W zone and 1 x Medium 1200W zones enable different sized pots to be used at the same time. 

Residual Heat Indicator 

When the glass plate is hot, the residual heat warning light will come on 


This cooktop is equipped with a timer that can be used as an alarm, or it can be set to turn off a cooking zone after the time has elapsed. 

Auto safety switch off - over temperature protection 

This cooktop is equipped with a temperature sensor which can detect when the cooktop is at excessive heat. If this happens, the sensor will automatically switch off the relevant cooking zone. 

5 Year Warranty

Everdure cooking products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years. This product is for personal domestic use, the warranty will not be valid if used for commercial purposes.