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t2 burners for limited space 

This cooktop is designed to fit a kitchen where space is at a premium. Alternatively, it can be paired next to a ceramic or induction cooktop to enable you to utlise different styles of cooking. 

Stainless steel finish 

The contemporary stainless steel finish will match any kitchen style. 

Cast Iron pan supports 

To cater for heavy duty pots and pans, the cast iron supports will be able to hold the heaviest load. 

Natural Gas or ULPG 

This unit comes fitted with Natural Gas gas jets as standard. ULPG gas jets are included in the box - note, the jets must only be changed by a registered gas fitter. 

Flame Failure Safety 

If the flame is blown out for any reason, the gas with shut off automatically to ensure gas does not keep flowing into the kitchen. 

Electronic Ignition 

To ignite the burners, simply twist the knob until the audible click.

 5 Year Warranty

Everdure cooking products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of FIVE (5) years. This product is for personal domestic use, the warranty will not be valid if used for commercial purposes.