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77 Litre Oven Cavity

At 77 litres, this large capacity oven will accommodate even the biggest of meals.

Pyrolytic Cleaning Function 

No more cleaning chemicals and hours of scrubbing. To clean this oven simply remove the internal accessories (racking, trays etc), select PYRO mode and walk away.

14 function built in electric oven

Select from a wide range of cooking functions to suit your needs: Conventional Bake, Defrost, Fan Assist, Upper element, Pizza, Grill, Half Grill, Fan Forced, Fan Assist Grill, Fan Assist Half Grill. Lower element, ECO, Rapid Heat, PYROLYTIC CLEAN.

Quadruple Glazed Door

The four-layered door with thermo-reflective glass offers not only a cooler to touch surface but also increases the energy efficiency as the heat is retained within the oven, even on high temperature Pyro mode.

Digital Touch timer / Clock

This touch timer timer enables you to set the oven to cook for a certain period of time. It also lets you delay the start of the cooking period. Once the end of the cooking time is reached, the oven will turn off and an alert will sound to notify you.

Large viewing window into the oven

It’s easy to view your meals during the cooking period through the large window, without having to open the oven door and let the heat escape.

5 Year Warranty

Everdure cooking products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of FIVE (5) years. This product is for personal domestic use, the warranty will not be valid if used for commercial purposes.