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56 Litre Oven Cavity

This 56L sized oven will suit most cooking types.

5 function built in electric oven

Select from a range of cooking functions to suit your needs: Fan Force, Grill, Grill with Fan, Defrost. This oven also contains an internal oven light.

Triple Glazed Door

The triple layered door with thermo-reflective glass offers not only a cooler to touch surface but also increases the energy efficiency as the heat is retained within the oven.

Plug and Play 

10amp plug fitted, no electrician required

90 minute mechanical timer

The easy to use mechanical timer enables you to time the cooking duration. An alarm will sound to notify you that the set time has elapsed.

Large viewing window into the oven

It’s easy to view your meals during the cooking period through the large window, without having to open the oven door and let the heat escape.

3 Year Warranty

Everdure cooking products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. This product is for personal domestic use, the warranty will not be valid if used for commercial purposes.