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60cm Slide Out Rangehood 

This 60cm rangehood is designed to fit under a cupboard above the cooktop. The front portion slides out to give more capacity and air coverage. Perfect for kitchens short on space.

Up to 440m3/hr extraction rate 

The motor will extract smoke/steam/odours at up to 440m3 per hour, which will suit smaller sized sizes.

2 * 5 Layer Aluminium Filter

The 5 layer design ensures the maximum amount of smoke and odours are extracted and all grease is caught within the filter. The filters are dishwasher safe.

1 * 2.0W LED lighting

LED lighting ensures a more natural light, whilst providing a longer lasting bulb.

Ducted or Recirculated

This product can be ducted so the air is exhausted through a vent outside. If no external vent is available there is a recirculating option by way of using charcoal filters in the unit (Charcoal filters are sold separately).

Charcoal Filter Model CF110

5 Year Warranty

Everdure cooking products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of FIVE (5) years. This product is for personal domestic use, the warranty will not be valid if used for commercial purposes.